“The Shirley Temple”
UK 2013
directed by: Daniela Sherer

Royal College of Art

9:40 min.



Special Mention

“The Age of Curious”
UK 2013
directed by: Luca Toth
Royal College of Art

7:40 min.


“Matzofim” / “Floats”
directed by: Israel 2013
Producers: Idan Barzilay, Mor Israeli

Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design

7:57 min



Explanation of the jury


The jury would like to acknowledge the accomplishments of the many students who submitted to this year's competition. We were impressed by the overall range of styles, stories and techniques.
The winning film is minimalistic and poetic, and it is precisely through this compelling simplicity that great depth is created. The film shows times of transformation across different phases of life, represented by the technique of 2D animated metamorphosis. This approach reflects well the non-linear and associative qualities of human emotion and memory. The film explores loss of different kinds: of a loved one, of childhood, and of innocence as well as hope and growth, and the complexity of adjusting to life's multiple, parallel and intersecting events. It touched us with its humanity.  



Special Mention


Out of the excellent overall submissions two additional films stand out, and therefore the jury would like to recognize them with Honorable Mentions. They are:

The first film is a reflection on memory and the time of exploration in adolescence, questioning authority and belief, and reminding us of how we absorb images in the environment as a visual stream of consciousness. The film uses drawing and collage techniques to represent the interplay of perception, dream, and memory.

The second film is a two dimensional painted film, a meditation on the cycles of life, both existential and sublime. It connects us to larger forces of nature thereby allowing us to contemplate our place in the universe.