Animation Production Days (APD), jointly organised by ITFS and FMX, is the most important business platform for animation projects in Germany. It is taking place from 1-3 May 2019 at L-Bank Stuttgart and brings together around 150 producers, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents and investors in a series of pre-planned one-to-one meetings. Producers can submit animation projects in the areas of film, TV series, mobile content, games, crossmedia and transmedia. Hybrid formats which mix animation and live-action can also be submitted. A total of around 45 projects will be selected for participation.

For the “Producers for Co-Production” programme also studios and service producers who operate as contractors rather than co-producers can apply. They can establish new business contacts and initiate new cooperations in individual discussions.

A key part of the programme is once again the APD Conference which sees presentations of outstanding projects and the introduction of new business models and market trends. The APD Conference is open to all accredited ITFS participants.