International Competition

The International Competition is the Festival’s centrepiece, featuring animated shorts of high artistic quality produced in the previous year. An international jury composed of outstanding personalities from the animation scene awards the following prizes: 

  • Grand Prix: State of Baden-Württemberg and City of Stuttgart Grand Award for Animated Film in the amount of 15,000 EUR.
        Stadt STUTTGART mit Pferd Kopie
  • Lotte Reiniger Promotion Award for Animated Film: Award for the best graduation film by a film student in the amount of 10,000 EUR, sponsored by MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg.

Löwe und Schriftzug der MFG Baden-Württemberg

  • SWR Audience Award: In the amount of 6,000 EUR.

Young Animation

The Young Animation competition screens the best films by students of international film and art schools.

  • Young Animation Award: Prize for the best student film in the amount of 2,500 EUR, sponsored by the Landesanstalt fuer Kommunikation Baden-Wuerttemberg and MFG Film Funding Baden-Wuerttemberg.

  •    Löwe und Schriftzug der MFG Baden-Württemberg

  • The FANtastic Award: The prize in the amount of 1,000 EUR is donated by the  Animation Family, the most faithful fans of ITFS.

Tricks for Kids

The children’s film festival Tricks for Kids presents entertaining and excellent animated films and series for children.

  • Award for the best children’s animated film: comes with prize money in the amount of 4,000 EUR, donated by Studio 100 Media GmbH. The winner is selected by a children’s jury.

  • Award for the best children’s animated series: sponsored by MIP Junior 2018. The winner is selected by an expert jury.


The AniMovie competition screens a selection of internationally outstanding, animated feature films. The Animovie Award is the prize for the best animated feature film.

Trickstar Business Award

The prize recognises innovative business models in the animation industry and comes with 7,500 EUR, sponsored by Region Stuttgart.

Bechstein Classic Animation Award



The new music competition Bechstein Classic Animation  Award is aimed at animation students at international institutions of higher education for film, art and the media and honours the best use / the best implementation of music in an animated short film. For this purpose, music label Bechstein Classic makes three pieces of music from its portfolio available, either for use as an integral part of an animated short film or for direct visualisation. The licence is free of charge in conjunction with a submission of the film to ITFS20. The award carries a value of 2,500 €. The call for entries will be published on on October 16, 2019. The deadline for entries is March 01, 2020.

Animated Games Award Germany

Award for an animation-based computer game from Germany with the best visual design and aesthetics, in the amount of 5,000 EUR, sponsored by MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Wuerttemberg mbH.

Löwe und Schriftzug der MFG Baden-Württemberg

Animated Com Award International

Award for the best applied animation in the field of advertising, in the amount of 2,500 EUR – sponsored by the Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart.


German Animation Screenplay Award

This award aims to promote excellent German screenplays for feature-length animated films.

German Voice Actor Award

The award for the best German-language voice artist in a feature-length animated film – in cooperation with the Renitenztheater.


Crazy Horse Session – The 48H Animation Jam

International teams will realise an animated short film involving Trixi, the Festival mascot within 48 hours. The Crazy Horse Session is carried out in cooperation with M.A.R.K.13 electronic media and supported by MFG Film Funding Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Landesanstalt für Kommunikation Baden-Wuerttemberg.


    Löwe und Schriftzug der MFG Baden-Württemberg     

You would like to submit your animation film for the ITFS? Click here for the Call for Entries.