17th Animation Production Days

Business Platform for the International Animation Industry

26 – 28 April / 2023, Stuttgart

Animation Production Days (APD), a joint venture of ITFS and FMX, is a curated business platform for the European and international animation industry, taking place for the seventeenth time in Stuttgart from 26-28 April 2023.

In exclusive and carefully planned one-to-one meetings, producers from over 20 countries can evaluate the market potential of their projects in the fields of film, TV series, games, cross- and transmedia with potential co-production partners as well as broadcasters, streamers, distributors, funding institutions and investors.

At APD, around 160 participants from more than 20 countries negotiate collaborations for around 50 selected projects in around 800 pre-planned one-to-one meetings each year.

Another important part of the programme is the APD Conference. In practice-oriented case studies, technological innovations or new sales and financing strategies for animation projects will be presented and discussed. In the second part of the Conference, broadcasters and distributors will present their current programme needs and future programme strategies.

The conference is open to all ITFS accredited professionals. In addition, APD offers various networking events and roundtables with industry participants from the partner events ITFS and FMX.

The registration for APD 2023 is closed.

APD Conference

26 April 2023, 13:45, L-Bank Rotunde
(Open to FMX, ITFS & APD accredited attendees)

One of the most challenging tasks currently facing the media industry is how to better reflect the diversity of society in terms of content and, accordingly, to design initiatives to promote young talents in such a way that as diverse a range of voices as possible can contribute their ideas and views. How can this be achieved? What can be done to address the ever-growing shortage of skilled workers? And what are the most promising approaches in relation to the animation industry – ones that are really making a difference? At this year’s APD Conference, speakers from local companies and global industry players are presenting best-practice examples, initiatives and programmes from Europe, Africa and North America which have the common goal of giving new artistic voices greater visibility and supporting young talents on their paths to professionalisation.

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