This is how the magic happens

In our Insights programme, we offer a variety of different events where professionals, students, and anyone else interested can immerse themselves in the production of an animated film and in topical industry issues. You can find all the events in our calender by utilising the filter function. Exclusive insights behind the scenes of renowned studios and into projects as well as tips and tricks from international experts. Pure inspiration!

Workshop Talks, Master Classes, Panels & Lectures

Learning from the best: International filmmakers provide insights into topics and processes of animated film production. Be it the art of film music, the relationship between studios and broadcasters as well as coproduction partners, storytelling, or stop-motion with puppet animation.

In the lectures, we take a look at the use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Various panels deal with the future of the animated film industry: Experts from all over Europe as well as representatives of international film associations and film festivals meet at the ITFS.

Studio Presentations

World-leading, innovative animation studios share their experiences: the road to an Emmy nomination, specialising in stop-motion in the age of CGI or how to successfully distribute short auteur films.

School Presentations

Some of the most prestigious higher education institutes, from Ireland, Paris, Lucerne, Ludwigsburg, and Cologne, among others, introduce themselves and present Bachelor’s and Master’s projects, award-winning films, and outstanding projects. Their students not only learn technical and creative skills, but also develop the courage for artistic experimentation.

Making of

Filmmakers share their experiences: the motion capture production of “Fritzi und Sophie – Grenzenlose Freundschaft” and the content and visual development process of the feature film “Adam”.

Work in Progress

Filmmakers and producers provide insights into brand new animated feature film, short film, and series projects as well as XR works that are still in production. The teams answer questions about artistic decisions, production processes and how to deal with a variety of challenges. Work in Progress is also a platform for productions still looking for cooperation and financing partners.