This year we have decided to cancel the Open Air on Stuttgart Schlossplatz

Due to the current pandemic developments and the decision of the Federal Government/States Conference on the coronavirus situation, we has decided to cancel the Festival’s Open Air.

Instead: ITFS Live Stream will show short films, live interviews, talks and special programmes every day from 4 to 9 May. In the afternoon from 2 pm there will be a colourful family programme with animated short films and series episodes to make you laugh, marvel and dream, as well as great hands-on activities. In the evenings from 5-10 pm, the ITFS will be showing a varied programme for adults. The ITFS live stream is free of charge and available worldwide.

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For the first time, ITFS is realising an amusing VR experience in Mozilla Hubs with the American XR designer and architect Allison Crank and the Swiss VR expert Christophe Merkle. Unlike many other VR experiences,

the multi-user 3D world is easy to access. The ITFS VR Hub can be visited simply via your browser or for advanced techies via VR headset – no downloads are necessary. Visitors even have the opportunity to help shape certain aspects of the digital world in the ITFS VR Hub and add objects, sound and films. The ITFS VR Hub enables casual and even random interaction between visitors by means of avatars of their choice.

The centre of the ITFS VR Hub is Schlossplatz Stuttgart, the usual location of the ITFS Open Air, which had to be cancelled again this year due to the coronavirus. However, the focus of the designers and ITFS is not on a photorealistic reconstruction of Schlossplatz in VR, but on creating a recognisable, playful place as well as on the specific architectural physiognomy of the square. Starting from Schlossplatz, visitors can explore other locations such as the ITFS Cinema with film screenings and talks, a lounge, a music club for chilling out and a workshop space for discourse and training.

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