The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film on tour!

Since 2006, the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film has been organizing a yearly tour programme with a selection of some of the best animated films from the previous Festival. The programme is presented worldwide and comprises: Best of International Competition, Best of Tricks for Kids and for the first time Best of Trickstar Nature Award.

Best of International Competition 2020

Along with the award-winning films, the programme presents further highlights of the ITFS 2020 International Competition for animated shorts. The diversity of animated film production is reflected in the wide stylistic and thematic spectre of the selected films.


Kaspar Jancis // Estonia 2019 // 11:38 // 2D Computer // Producer: Kalev Tamm // Production: Eesti Joonisfilm Studio

An old Cosmonaut lives the same kind of life now in his flat in a concrete panel apartment building as he did in his youth in a space station. As before, he still carries out heroic missions and misses his family. His close relatives see the situation altogether differently. Is this old man capable of coming to grips with the norms that apply in society? A cosmonaut will always be a cosmonaut. To the very end.

Acid Rain

Tomek Popakul // Poland 2019 // 26:16 // 2D Computer // Producers: Piotr Szczepanowicz, Grzegorz  Waclawek // Production: Animoon, National Archive // World sales: KFF Sales & Promotion

Somewhere in Eastern Europe, Young runs away from her depressing hometown and finds herself in the city outskirts in the middle of the night. At the bridge she meets a figure balancing unsafely on the guardrail. That’s how she meets Skinny – a kind of unstable weirdo. Skinny lives in a camper van, which he uses to run his not-so-legal job errands. Together they set off on a journey with no destination.

Grand Prix ITFS 2020 – State of Baden-Württemberg and City of Stuttgart Grand Award for Animated Film.

Tales from the Multiverse

Magnus Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith // Denmark 2019 // 7:16 // 3D Animation // Production: Tumblehead Animation Studio // World sales: Miyu Distribution

God is a single parent and amateur programmer. He’s working on project ‘Earth’ and is beta testing a new software called “Multiverse”.

Kujiranoyu Bath House of Whales

Mizuki KIYAMA // Japan 2019 // 6:04 // Paint on glass // Producers: Koji Yamamura, Yuichi Ito, Mitsuko Okamoto, Taruto Fuyama // Production: Tokyo University of the Arts

In a small town somewhere in Japan, the mothers in the neighborhood end their day at the public bath. When a little girl goes along with her mother, she is awed by the sight of a group of bathing women who behave very differently from the others. Within that group is her mother and she blends in perfectly.

Lotte Reiniger Promotion Award for Animated Film ITFS 2020.

Já-Fólkið Yes-People

Gísli Darri Halldórsson // Iceland 2019 // 8:35 // 3D Computer // Producers: Arnar Gunnarsson, Gísli Darri Halldórsson // Production: CAOZ; Hólamói

One morning, an eclectic mix of people face the everyday battle – such as work, school and dishwashing. As the day progresses, their relationships are tested and ultimately their capacity to cope.


Camille Geißler, Elisabeth Jakobi // Germany 2019 // 4:16 // 2D computer // Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

While the moon shines a somnambulistic journey through a forest turns into a nightmare.

Dcera Daughter

Daria Kashcheeva // Czech Republic 2019 // 14:50 // Puppet animation // Producers: Zuzana Roháčová, Ondřej Šejnoha, Martin Vandas // Production: FAMU – Film and TV School, Academy of Performing Arts, MAUR FILM // World sales: Miyu Distribution

In a hospital room, the Daughter recalls a childhood moment when she tried to share her experience with an injured bird with her Father. A moment of misunderstanding and a lost embrace has stretched into many years all the way to this hospital room, until the moment when a window pane breaks under the impact of a little bird.

Award for the best student film ITFS 2020.

Uzi Ties

Dina Velikovskaya // Germany, Russia 2019 //7:36 // Stoptrick // Producer: Florian Grolig // World sales: interfilm Berlin

A young woman leaves home and sets off to see the world. But the parent-daughter relationship is so strong that, in the end, these ties become destructive.

Winner of the SWR Onlinefilm Audience Award


Colectif Illogic // France 2019, 1:40 // 3D Computer // Production: Bloom Pictures // World sales: Miyu Distribution

Deep in the woods, a gathering of wild animals start a nocturnal opera, conducted by a squirrel.

Best of Trickstar Nature Award 2020

The Trickstar Nature Award, sponsored by the Verband Region Stuttgart, was presented for the first time at ITFS 2020. The nominees were international short film productions that deal with the topics of climate protection, biodiversity, environment and sustainability in an informative, entertaining and also humorous way. The tour programme presents a selection of the competition highlights – including of course the prize winner and the special mention.


Colectif Illogic // France 2019, 1:40 // 3D Computer // Production: Bloom Pictures // World sales: Miyu Distribution

Deep in the woods, a gathering of wild animals start a nocturnal opera, conducted by a squirrel.

Deady Freddy

Alicia Eisen // Canada // 10:14 // Stop trick // Producer: Alicia Eisen

After a life well lived, Freddy is afforded a chilling encore: he must live his life backwards through the eyes of every bug he has ever killed.


Mohsen Rezapour // Iran 2019 // 7:20 // Stop trick // Producers: Haleh Moaddabian, Mohsen Rezapour // Production: Jibi Studio, Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) // World sales: Simin Farrokh Ahmadi

In a mysterious unknown planet, a rabbit-like creature is eaten, but that’s not the end of the story.


Flóra Anna Buda // Hungary 2019 // 10:24 // Producer: József Fülöp // Production: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) // World sales: Hungarian National Film Fund

Three women, three lives in parallel worlds, until the moment a fly causes a bug in the system. The universe collapses, sex is in the air and the stars twinkle! In the animated film „Entropia“ colours explode and sensually unleash new possibilities: Thanks to the fly, all that is abstract comes to life and sexuality plays an integral role.

Strates Strata

Bhopal // France 2019 // 6:02 // Painting, drawn on paper

Traces of america’s history accumulate and won’t fade.

Hors Course

Martin Burnod, Aélis Ensergueix, Nicolas Lopez, Julia Monti // France 2019 // 5:57 // 3D Computer // Producer: Julien Deparis // Production: ENSI – École Nationale des Sciences de l’Informatique // World sales: Miyu Distribution

Two young chameleons hunt a beetle in an African desert. This chase will take them to an indetermined and unsettling place.


Pascal Schelbli // Deutschland 2019 // 4:14 // Realfilm, 3D Computer // Produzent*innen: Aleksandra Todorovic, Tina Vest, Produktion: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg – Institut für Animation

Was wäre, wenn die Natur unsere globalen Probleme mit dem Plastik lösen würde? Hol tief Luft und tauche in eine Welt ein, in der sich unsere Schuldgefühle in den Tiefen des Ozeans wortwörtlich auflösen. Eine Welt, in der wir faszinierenden Kreaturen begegnen und erstaunliche Landschaften entdecken. Leider hält unsere Luft nicht für immer und wir stellen fest, dass die Lösung dieses Problems eine andere sein muss.

Human Nature

Sverre Fredriksen // Netherlands 2019 // 2:15 // Stop trick, live animation, single frames // Producers: Floor Onrust, Chris Stenger, Noortje Wilschut // Production: Family Affair Films // Distribution: KLIK!

Human Nature is a short animation film about the love animals have for people, and the harm they consciously or unconsciously cause to us.

One for All Things

Guoxiu Jiang // China, USA 2019 // 3:14 // 2D Computer // Production: Pratt Institute – School of Art

„One for All Things“ is a three minutes 2D animation that warmly and humorously captures animal behavior as a metaphor for human behavior. The quirky and neurotic scenes reveal their internal world, their fear and anxiety and the challenges they face socializing.

Polarbarry – Let’s break the ice!! – VLOG #207


Wouter Dijkstra // Netherlands, United Kingdom 2019 // 4:37 // 2D computer // Producer: Wouter Dijkstra // Production: University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU)

Meet influencer, online personality and Internet sensation PolarBarry: The mischievous Polar Bear who knows how to make the North Pole rumble. VLOG #207 sheds a light on the likeliness that humanity cannot act as a collective.

Terre de vers Worms of Earth

Helene Ducrocq // France 2019 // 8:22 // 2D computer // Producer: Pierre Dron // Production: Citron Bien Cinéma // World sales: Mikhal Bak

Naked, slimy and rampant bros; No legs, no teeth, and no toes; We dig with no mischief, your burden we relief; We’re at your service, there is no artifice; The Earthworm team is here, as tight as musketeers.

Special Mention Trickstar Nature Award ITFS 2020.

Au pays de l’aurore boréale Northern Lights

Caroline Attia // France, Switzerland 2019 // 15:00 // 2D computer // Producer: Reginald de Guillebon // Production: Folimage Studio, Nadasdy Film // World sales: Folimage

Colin has lived with his grandfather Karl since his parents died. When Karl goes narwhal hunting, Colin travels as a stowaway in his shelter-sled. He will have to overcome his fears and learn the secrets of the Far North.

Winner Trickstar Nature Award ITFS 2020.

Best of Tricks for Kids

The programme presents a selection of the most beautiful short films for children that were met with enthusiastic reception by both young and older ITFS 2020 online audiences. Topics and stories are diverse and colourful, making audiences wonder, laugh, or think.



Neil Stubbings // Switzerland 2019 // 7:55 // 2D 3D computer // Producer: Neil Stubbings // Production: Stubbings GmbH

A story about a lonely penguin’s quest for a refreshment on a hot and sunny southpole sunday.

Cats can’t swim

HaiLing Morgan // United Kingdom 2019 // 3:47 // 2D Computer // Producer: Georgina Baker // World sales: The Arts University Bournemouth

In an anthropomorphic world, a young cat boy wants to win his school swimming contest with the support of his mother.

L’atelier The Atelier

Bianca Masani // Frankreich 2019 // 4:06 // 2D Computer // Produzent*in: Annick Teninge // Produktion: La Poudrière, Ecole du Film d’Animation // Weltvertrieb: L’agence du court métrage

Ein kleines Mädchen bringt den Alltag in der Schneiderei ihrer Großmutter durcheinander.

Plyushevaya istoriya Pretending Story

Ina Vasfilova // Russia 2018 // 7:28 // 2D computer // Producers: Valentina Khizhniakova, Irina Volodina // Production: Studio „Ural-Cinema

A boy’s favourite cuddly rabbit has to endure a lot: it gets swung around, covered in ice cream and enlisted in war games. Then the rabbit goes missing – could this be the perfect chance for something new?

Balloné Bloated

Baptiste Tassin // France 2019 // 1:31 // 3D Computer // Production: MOPA – L’Ècole du Film d’Animation et de l’image de Synthèse // World sales: Yummy Films

In the heart of a dark forest, shines a firefly. A strange bird quickly spots it and launches into a swirling and colourful hunt.

Œil pour œil

Thomas Boileau, Francois Briantais, Robin Courtoise, Alan Guimont, Malcom Hunt, Mathieu Lecroq // France 2019 // 5:54 // 3D Computer // Production: Ècole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) // World sales: Yummy Films

A one-eyed pirate captain fails in all his attempts to find a treasure. For each attempt he recruits a new crew. All pirates are as one sightes as he is.

Der Pinguin auf meiner Schmusedecke Patchwork penguin

Angela Steffen // Germany 2019 // 4:00 // 2D computer // Producer: Thomas Meyer-Hermann // Production: Studio Film Bilder

Patchwork Penguin has a problem: he wants to run fast, but he doesn´t know how! Will the Patchwork Pals find a way to help him?


Sebastian Kellermann // Germany 2019 // 2:11 // 3D computer // Producer: Sebastian Kellermann // Production: ITFS Internationale Filmschule Köln

In an office full of ordinary platypuses, everything seems to be perfectly normal. But someday the office director notices something strange …

Baba Yaha y Malyshka The witch and the baby

Evgenia Golubeva // Russia 2019 // 4:45 // 3D computer // Producer: Boris Mashkovzev // Production: Soyuzmultfilm

An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess, things don’t go to plan at all.

Sous la Glace Under the Ice

Milan Baulard, Ismaïl Berrahma, Flore Dupont, Laurie Estampes, Hugo Potin, Quentin Nory // France 2019 // 6:47 // Producer: Julien Deparis // Production: ENSI – Ècole Nationale des Sciences de l’Informatique // World sales: Miyu Distribution

The story of Snoop, a heron hunting a fish while winter is approaching and the lake is freezing over.

Hannibal L’Éléphant Hannibal the Elephant

Aurélie Monteix // Frankreich 2019 // 4:06 // Zeichnungen auf Film // Produzent*in: Annick Teninge // Produktion: La Poudrière, Ecole du Film d’Animation // Weltvertrieb: L’agence du court métrage

Ein Kriegselefant verirrt sich in den Bergen. Unvorhergesehene Begegnungen verändern sein Leben für immer.


Katy Wang // United Kingdom 2018 // 6:02 // 2D Computer // Music: Tom Rosenthal

Music video. A little bear goes on an adventure with a giant dog on a rainy night’s drive through the mountains.

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