Tricks for Kids 4


27. April 2024    
15:30 - 17:00


Gloria 2
Königstraße 20, Stuttgart, 70173


This is where the cinema turns into a rollercoaster! Magical short films to discover, laugh and marvel at for all animation fans from daycare centres and primary schools to teenagers. Foreign-language films have German live voice-over.

Humour or drama – there’s something for everyone here. Disappeared socks, swim noodles and stories from the campsite. Grannies and grandpas, bring your grandchildren! The cinema experience for the whole family from the age of 5.


Kadunud sokid
Kadunud sokidDirector: Oskar Lehemaa / Estonia / 2023 / 19:44 min / Production: A Film Eesti OÜ / World Sales: A Film Eesti OÜ

Little Pille is looking for her father’s missing socks under the bed. There she discovers a fantastical world of forgotten things. She finds her dad’s socks but not only that: The socks have laid an egg! Now Pille has to protect the socks from danger until the egg hatches.

Frite sans maillot
Frite sans maillotDirector: Matteo Salanave Piazza / France / 2023 / 4:11 min / Screenplay: Salanave Piazza Matteo / Production: La Poudrière – Ecole du Film d´Animation / World Sales: La Poudrière – Ecole du Film d´Animation

In the pool changing room, Anthony realizes he has forgotten to bring his bathing trunks. Swimming class is about to begin, and he needs to find a solution.

Les premiers dinosaures étaient des pommes
Les premiers dinosaures étaient des pommesDirector: Emma Lafarge / France / 2023 / 3:22 min / Screenplay: Emma Lafarge / Production: École Émile Cohl / World Sales: Emile Cohl

Pumpkin and Nana are discussing the big question: “What is the real story about the beginning of the world?” Nana, the eldest, starts telling the side of the story she knows – the story of Adam and Eve. Pumpkin questions her every step of the way because she has seen a documentary on TV that states things very differently. It is all very confusing but maybe they can find a way to make sense of things.

The Smeds and The Smoos
The Smeds and The SmoosDirector: Daniel Snaddon, Samantha Cutler / United Kingdom / 2022 / 25:50 min / Screenplay: Julia Smuts Louw / Production: Magic Light Pictures / World Sales: Magic Light Pictures

On a faraway planet, Janet and Bill meet in the Wurpular Wood and fall in love. Their families, the Smeds and the Smoos, cannot accept the match after generations of division. But when the two run away to elope, the warring families have no choice but to overcome their differences and work together to find the young Smoo, and the young Smed.

Városi legendák / A kosz
Városi legendák / A koszDirector: Katalin Glaser / Hungary / 2022 / 3:06 min / Screenplay: Katalin Glaser / Production: Kecskemétfilm Ltd. / World Sales: Kecskemétfilm Ltd., Kecskemét Animation Film Festival

A young man tells stories about the summers her and his sister would spent away from home. They would visit their two grandmothers who could not be more different from each other.


Beurk !
Beurk !Director: Loïc Espuche / France / 2023 / 13:10 min / Production: Ikki Films, Iliade et Films / World Sales: Miyu Distribution

Yuck! Kissing on the mouth is disgusting. But secretly, little Léo really wants to try it…