Work in Progress: International Projects


27. April 2024    
17:30 - 19:00


Haus der Katholischen Kirche
Königstr. 7, Stuttgart


Filmmakers and producers provide insights into brand new German and international animated feature film, short film, and series projects as well as XR projects that are in various stages of production. The teams behind the projects will provide information on artistic decisions, production processes and on how they dealt with the many challenges they had and still have to face. Work in Progress is also a platform for professional players looking for cooperation and financing partners.

TĪKI`S TALESDirector: / New Zealand / 2024 / :00 min / Screenplay: Tabea von Grünewaldt

In the “Tīki’s Tales” pilot episode, “The Enchanted Pendant”, Tīki discovers her pendant’s magic, rooted deeply in Mārama Woods. Guided by Koro’s wisdom, she and her friends—Rāvi, Pēke, Skittle, the KK-Twins, and Rōro—face the Shadowclan, led by Queen Māra, who seeks the pendant to control the forest. Through teamwork and bravery, they protect their home, highlighting themes of unity and environmental guardianship. The adventure sets future journeys, emphasizing friendship and the magic of nature.

The Boy at the Edge of the World
The Boy at the Edge of the WorldDirector: Grzegorz Wacławek, Marta Szymańska / Poland, Turkey, Spain / 2024 / :00 min

This film is a story of growing up, tolerance, trust and complicated family relationships set in a magical scenery. Omul, a ten years old boy lives together with his parents, brother Mikro and younger sister Kimi in the village Krimo near the sea. Once, Omul and Kimi play on the beach. Suddenly, the weather is changing, there is a huge wave heading to the island. Water covers the children. Under the sea, Omul witnesses when Kimi’s soul is stolen by a mysterious creature — Sadumea, the main character of various legends. At the last moment, the siblings are saved by a whale. Omul wakes up in the hospital, where he finds out that Kimi is in a coma. Together with Mikro and Tela the dog, they start a dangerous travel to find and save the soul of their beloved sister.

Introducing Bovina Creamcracker Buttermilk
Introducing Bovina Creamcracker ButtermilkDirector: John O’Connell / Ireland / 2024 / :00 min

Liam is a lonely farmer who lives an isolated life in the country. But, Liam has a secret! Liam dreams of being a beautiful drag queen, and as he goes about his daily chores he slips into moments of fantasy and transforms into the beautiful Bovina. In these moments Bovina is supported by the farm animals who become her backing singers and dancers. When the neighbours catch glimpses of the local farmer prancing around the fields, they become increasingly curious. Liam would simply be mortified if they knew anything about his fantasy, so he mostly tries to keep to himself. When the neighbours figure out whats going on, however, they do something that’s truly amazing – they organise a talent show in the local hall and invite Liam to perform as Bovina! The acceptance that Liam feels gives him the confidence to pursue his dream and perform on stage as Bovina!