Spring 2019 stands in the sign of Europe: About one month ahead of the European elections, the topics diversity, democracy, and freedom also mark the program of the 26th Suttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS).

Producing an “Animation Film for Europe” which promotes the European idea was the challenge for young filmmakers since ITFS 2018. The competition was launched by the Film- und Medienfestival gGmbH with the kind support of the Ministry of Justice and European Affairs. The winning film “Ode” from director Shadi Adib will premiere at the opening ceremony of ITFS on April 30 in the presence of deputy president of the European parliament, Evelyn Gebhardt, who will open the festival. In the following the animated short film will be shown in theatres, at international festivals as well as online on Youtube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

In addition to that the „Hack for Europe“ will be held at ITFS for the first time. This game jam is addressed to creative minds, programmers, game designers and graphic artists who will develop ideas for games and early prototypes on the subject of Europe within two days. The game jam is organised in cooperation with the Institut francais Stuttgart and the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The game prototypes developed at the hackathon are presented and played on the large LED wall on Schlossplatz.

Friday, May 3, 11 am. – Saturday, May 4, 8 pm, Kunstgebäude Stuttgart

Of course animation films aren’t missed out: selected film programms of the section “Animation Around Europe” present films from Portugal and Poland, the satirical animation film program “Brexicuted – Bye, bye Britain”, curated by Chris Shepherd, focuses on the Brexit and a selection of the European Animation Awards (EMILE) short film nominees prove the exceptional quality of European animation films. Furthermore the animated series of SWR “Arthur and the children of the round table” takes up the European thoughts – the studio Blue Spirit from Paris will give insights in their production.

Best of Portuguese Animation 1: Wednesday, May 1, Metropol 2, 8 pm
Best of Portuguese Animation 2: Thursday, May 2, Metropol 2, 10 pm
O!PLA – Animation from Poland: Sunday, May 5, Metropol 3, 3 pm
Cult night Brexicuted: Saturday, May 4, Metropol 1, 10 pm
EMILE – Sunday, May 5, Metropol 1, 5 pm
Studio presentation Blue Spirit (Paris): Wednesday, May 1, Metropol 2, 4 pm

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