The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) is a festival of diversity. Thus, the 27th edition of  ITFS will focus on diversity itself with the motto “Creating*Diversity” and ask the central question: How do animation, games and digital media represent and generate diversity?

Not limiting the definition of the term “diversity” to gender, it also encompasses ethnic, religious, cultural, political, and economic diversity. Diversity is a guarantor and basic condition of democracy. The French terms “diversité” and “difference” make up the DNA of the idea of Europe, while (free) art is a substantial expression of diversity in practice.

At ITFS, diversity is reflected in the different intercultural and international programmes, in the competition entries from more than 90 countries, and not least in Festival guests and visitors.

The works presented at ITFS demonstrate how animation, games and digital media not only represent, but also produce and stimulate diversity. In keeping with the motto “Creating*Diversity”, the supporting programme of  ITFS 2020 includes highlights such as “Copines! Focus on France” and “Wonderwomen – Women in Games & Animation”. At GameZone, ITFS presents the new initiative of professional association Game – Verband der deutschen Games-Branche e.V.: “Hier spielt Vielfalt”.


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