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Stuttgart International Festival Animated Film (ITFS) is one of the world’s largest festivals of animated film. This is also reflected in the ITFS Tour programme, which runs in over 30 countries following the festival. Two highlights will be held in October and November, where screening of the three popular tour programs “International Competition”, “Best of Tricks for Kids” and “Best of Animation Baden-Württemberg” of the ITFS 2019 will be presented. In October, the Goethe-Institute and Nanjing University of the Arts invite the Managing Director Programme, Ulrich Wegenast, to China to speak about “Expanded Animation” and showcase the programs, and ITFS will be in November at the Kolkata Film Festival (India).


Animation film tour opens in Nanjing / China (October 18-21, 2019)From 18th to 21st October 2019, the China Contemporary Animation Art Archive, the Nanjing University of the Arts and the Goethe-Institute China together with the ITFS as co-operation partners are organizing the 2nd documentation of the current animation art in Nanjing. This event builds on the material of the China Contemporary Animation Art Archive and the tour programme of Stuttgart International Festival Animated Film (ITFS). The ITFS presents a selection of the best animated short films of the years 2018/2019 and includes the programmes: Best of International Competition, Best of Animation from Baden-Württemberg and Best of Tricks for Kids. The screenings are accompanied by lectures, round tables and workshops. The event will go on animated film tour in China, more places are being planned. The screening and lectures will kick off at the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Art (AMNUA) in Nanjing. Ulrich Wegenast and the animation artist Merlin Flügel (Offenbach) will be on location for the personal encounter and cultural exchange. While Wegenast gives a lecture at the Nanjing Art College on “Expanded Animation – Animation, Architecture, and Games”, the workshop “The World is Open for Play” by Flügel is intended to provide further practical insights. Other guests include He Jinfang, founder of H & H’s Arts Culture Co., Ltd., who founded the first Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennial in 2012.


Kolkata Film Festival (November 8-15, 2019)The Kolkata Film Festival will take place from 8th to 15th November in Kolkata (India). It is one of the largest, freely accessible film festivals in India. The ITFS presents the three tour programs of ITFS 2019: “Best of International Competition”, “Best of Tricks for Kids” and “Best of Animation Baden-Württemberg”. In addition, the ITFS will curate a programme of new German animated films, which will then be shown to the regional audience at the ITFS Animation Special at the Metropol Cinema in Stuttgart at the end of January. Oscar winner Thomas Stellmach (Kassel) presents his animated film show as part of the ITFS programme and gives a workshop.

About the ITFS Tour Programme:

Since 2006, the Stuttgart International Festival Animated Film (ITFS) has been touring with a selection of the best animated short films from the previous festival. The tour is on the road worldwide and includes the programmes “Best of International Competition”, a selection of the most interesting short films from the International Competition, the best animations from Baden-Württemberg and “Best of Tricks for Kids” most beautiful animated short films for kids that were on display at ITFS 2019. The international selection gives an insight into the diversity and creativity of the animated film and includes the different styles and techniques such as 3D computer animation, animation or stop motion.

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