Only 1 ½ weeks left until the! We are working hard to offer our fans a diverse and varied programme. Our OnlineFestival+ section is filled with more and more films, now already about 200, including seven confirmed feature films! Among the feature films there is also a European premiere: “A Costume for Nicolas” by Eduardo Rivero (Mexico, 2019), but also cult films like the Oscar-nominated stop-motion classic “Mary & Max”. The enthusiasm of the filmmakers at OnlineFestival.ITFS and also the encouragement from our fans shows us that we are doing the right thing!

We already have a rough program plan, which we will now briefly outline here:
The daily Live-Stream program

From 12 pm: Workshops & Master Classes (daily changing)

14 to 17: ITFS Kids Stream: family programme with short films and series, workshops and interviews

6 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Talks & Shorts: animated short films for adults, local talks with regional players & international talks e.g. Regina Pessoa, Max Howard or Signe Baumane and presentations & lectures a.o. Bill Plympton!

from 20 o’clock: Focus on: Evening programme hosted by Markus Brock in an ITFS studio (daily changing focus)
– Tuesday: official opening with film clips
– Wednesday: Animated Oscars theme
– Thursday: Country focus France
– Friday: Games and eSport
– Saturday: music and animation
– Sunday: Award ceremony of the competitions

From 10 p.m.: ITFS Night Talk: Talks with representatives* from the cultural scene and with the makers of the ITFS, who take a look behind the scenes. There will also be small cinematic gems from our partners, including ARTE, and a special Late Night film programme!

From 11 pm: ITFS Night Stream: concerts, ITFS trailer show, Best of 48H Animation Jam of the ITFS of the last 15 years and much more.

More than 100 guests will be with us during the six days of the festival in the OnlineFestival Studio in the foyer of the Kino Cinema or join us virtually!