It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to Paul Bush. An animation artist who enriched and inspired the world of animated film with his inexhaustible creativity and love of experimentation. He used a wide variety of often groundbreaking techniques and challenged the boundaries between fiction, documentary and animation.

He was also an enrichment, inspiration and friend for the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, where he was a personal guest for the first time in 1994 with “His Comedy” and was honoured in 2014 with an “In Persona” programme, which included a screening of his first feature-length film “Babeldom” – an elegy to urban life, a portrait of the city of the future, compiled from film footage shot in modern cities around the world.

Paul Bush passed away in Wales on 17 August 2023. We will sorely miss him as a person and an artist. Our deepest sympathies go out to Paul’s family and loved ones.