Pixelcloud is a creative and advertising agency for integrated communication with a focus on gamification and new media with its main base in beautiful Ludwigsburg. PIXEL is the smallest common multiple that connects all media and CLOUD is the creative network of permanent and freelance experts that produce the media. This corporate structure makes it possible to not only think in one medium, but to develop cross-platform, unconventional ideas. In addition to numerous web projects, mobile apps and interactive room installations, Pixelcloud also develops its own projects such as the mobile game “Rollin’ Wild Expeditions” in the funny world of globular animals or the mystery VR adventure “Blautopf VR”, which was awarded the German Developer Prize – both projects that were supported by MFG with the DCF.

Maari – Adventure on the reef

Recently, the likeable octopus girl “Maari” (-Abenteuer am Riff) found a new home on the KIKA platform kikaninchen.de. Two games developed by Pixelcloud accompany the lovingly staged preschool series, in which Maarimit experiences wild adventures in the Blue Bay Reef with her friends, the turtle Tuts and the crab Fin. In the game “Save the Sea,” the players have to clear the reef of dangerous human waste, and in “Fins Ball,” the bubble gate must not be allowed to burst.