Since 2017, STUDIO SEUFZ has been producing animated films and indie games for young adults. Special focus is on existential content, packaged in an accessible style.

The developers’ webgames, including LUCKY TOWER, MURDER and PROPHETS have been played over 100 million times. THE LONGING won several international awards in 2020 and is widely considered one of the indie breakout hits of the year. Their AnimaDok short film JUST A GUY was named the most successful German short film of 2020 and nominated for the 2021 Oscars. The pigeon simulator VR PIGEONS was released for PlaystationVR in late 2022.

Currently, the studio is working on the narrative rogue-like LUCKY TOWER ULTIMATE.

Lucky Tower Ultimate

An unusual roguelike adventure game where every escape attempt from a trap-ridden tower turns into an absurd punchline.


A minigame in which you can try your hand as a prophet who preaches to the people. However, only true prophets will understand the mysteries of the universe and choose the right words every time. The others will be crushed by the mob for their blasphemous speeches.


THE LONGING is an unusual mixture of adventure and idle-game. The player slips into the role of a “shadow” who, as the last servant of a king, receives the order to watch over him for 400 days. The special: These 400 days begin to run in real time.


A pigeon simulator in which you move by wildly yanking your head back and forth in VR. Available for Oculus Quest, Oculus GO and Playstation VR.