Four Souls of Coyote


25. April 2024
20:15 - 22:15


Bolzstraße, Stuttgart, 70173


Listen to the past, to shape the future! The film is an alternative creation myth, in which humans are not at the top of the food chain, but only one amongst creatures. Through adventures filled with magic, hunger, greed, and the sacred circle of all creations, the story gives us hope that it is not too late to save us on Earth. In Cooperation with WEIRD WEEKENDER – International Genre Film Festival Stuttgart.

Four Souls of Coyote
Four Souls of CoyoteDirector: Aron Gauder / Hungary / 2023 / 106 min / Screenplay: Áron Gauder, Géza Bereményi / World Sales: Cinemon Entertainment Kft

Set in the present day, Native American protesters confront the crew of an oil pipeline project, just down the hill from the land of their ancestors. The grandfather evokes the ancient tale of their Creation myth, reminding all of us that the challenges facing humanity are universal, and that we need to find our place in the great circle of creatures.