International Competition 3: Home


25. April 2024    
20:00 - 22:00


Gloria 1
Königstraße 20, Stuttgart, 70173


We show the best current short films from all over the world, powerful films by young women, modern male perspectives, and confront life’s big questions. Socially relevant and personal topics innovatively visualised, without filters or taboos.

From the depths of personal trauma to the confusion of digital identities – this is about struggle and the resilience of the human spirit. We embark on a journey through surreal landscapes and emotional conflict. What remains is the question: ‘What does it mean to be truly at home?’


Tafel – Publikumspreis IW3Director: / / / :00 min

Dar Saaye Sarv
Dar Saaye SarvDirector: Hossein Molayemi, Shirin Sohani / Iran / 2023 / 19:33 min / Screenplay: Fatemeh Sohani, Hossein Molayemi / Production: Fatemeh Sohani, Hossein Molayemi / World Sales: Fatemeh Sohani

A former captain, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, stays with his daughter in a humble house by the sea. They live an isolated life and have to confront the harsh challenges that come with it. Despite the captain’s deep desire to be a devoted and caring father, he finds himself unable to fulfill his role and connect with his daughter in the way that he longs to. One morning, their lives change forever, whether for the better or for the worse remains to be seen.

Deutschlandpremiere; Photosensitivity Warning

Swimming with Wings
Swimming with WingsDirector: Daphna Awadish Golan / Israel, Netherlands / 2023 / 10:40 min / Screenplay: Daphna Awadish Golan / Production: The Hive Studio, Valk Productions / World Sales: Valk Productions

This short animated documentary relates experiences of immigration in the Netherlands through the eyes of a little Israeli girl as she learns how to swim while being fully clothed.

PáriaDirector: Daniel Bruson / Brazil / 2023 / 8:00 min / Screenplay: Daniel Bruson / Production: Solstício Filmes / World Sales: Daniel Bruson

In a crowd of people taken over with violence a young woman connects with a little girl and faces a man forcing her to fight for her life and place in the world.

Deutschlandpremiere; Photosensitivity Warning

[S]Director: Mario Radev / Bulgaria, Poland, United Kingdom / 2024 / 12:33 min / Screenplay: Mario Radev / Production: Mario Radev, Tommaso Di Paola / World Sales: Mario Radev

A hand drawn artwork is brought to life by an operator through a flip book machine. The film delves into an immersive loop of organic forms, reflecting on the entangled nature of life and art. [S] is a loop that exposes the lifespan of infinity.

Photosensitivity Warning

A Kind of Testament
A Kind of TestamentDirector: Stephen Vuillemin / France / 2023 / 16:29 min / Production: Remembers / World Sales: Manifest

A young woman comes across animations on the Internet that have clearly been created from her private selfies. A stranger with the same name confesses to identity theft. But death is quicker than the answer to the question: “Why?”

ObokDirector: Izabela Plucinska / Germany, Poland / 2023 / 5:00 min / Screenplay: Izabela Plucinska / Production: Izabela Plucinska / World Sales: KFF Sales & Promotion

This film offers sharp, poignant glimpses into the life of a women trying to escape domestic violence. The coal sketches drawn on coloured backgrounds leave traces with every new line, drawing shadows that drape over every movement.

Matta und Matto
Matta und MattoDirector: Bianca Caderas, Kerstin Zemp / Switzerland / 2023 / 10:16 min / Screenplay: Bianca Caderas, Kerstin Zemp / Production: YK Animation Studio / World Sales: YK Animation Studio GmbH

In times of enforced isolation, when all interpersonal closeness and touching is forbidden, an hour hotel called Vaip travels through dystopian scenery in search for the lonely. The quirky hotel owners Matta and Matto offer a safe haven for them. The wondrous rooms of their hotel offer spaces for guests to snuggle up to dexterously crafted apparatuses and eventually fall deep into the perfect illusion of human touch.