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The on-demand programme OnlineFestival+ from 5 to 10 May 2020 at

The OnlineFestival+ section is filled with more and more films, now already about 200, including nine confirmed feature films! Among the feature-length films is also a European premiere: “A Costume for Nicolas” by Eduardo Rivero (Mexico, 2019), but also cult films such as the Oscar-nominated stop-motion classic “Mary & Max”.

OnlineFestival+ is the platform for all animation fans with a selection of the latest entries from the following competitions, which can be watched on-demand from 5 to 10 May exclusively A special highlight: Thanks to numerous video statements by the filmmakers, viewers can gain an insight into their work and find out more about the film. Selected children’s films by Tricks for Kids will also be accompanied by media-pedagogical material.

The film programmes at a glance:
International Competition: artistically high-quality animated short films of the last twelve months
AniMovie: Feature film competition with internationally outstanding animated films
Young Animation: Competition for the best short films by students
Tricks for Kids: Award for the best animated short film for children
Trickstar Nature: International animated short films that deal with the topics climate protection, biodiversity, environment and sustainability

In addition, animated films from the supporting programmes Best of ITFS and Panorama will be shown.

This access to the OnlineFestival+ costs 9,99€ once and can be bought from 5th May on The access ends on 10 May with the festival.  

International Competiton
The international scope of the short films as well as the variety of topics reflects the usual high quality programme of the ITFS: From Tomek Popakul with “ACID RAIN” (Poland, 2019), the Colectif Illlogic with “Maestro” (France, 2019), to renowned studios like Tumblehead Animations with “Tales from the Multiverse” (Magnus Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith, Denmark, 2019), up to well-known stars such as Konstantin Bronzit with “He can’t live without cosmos” (Russia, 2019) – the International Competition shines with artistically valuable and entertaining animated short films.
>> Watch Peter Smith Video Message and a clip of “Tales from the Multiverse” here!
>> Filmlist

AniMovie Competition and other Feature Films
Among the feature films is also confirmed a European  premiere: “A Costume for Nicolas” / Director: Eduardo Rivero (Mexico, 2019, 83 min, OV with English subtitles), about a ten-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome, whose mother made a costume for his birthday every year – until she died. And so Nicolas joined his loving grandparents and his cousin David. Nicolas is soon to use these magical costumes to save his cousin from his nightmares and a whole kingdom.


„Zero Impunity“ / Director: Nicolas Blies and Stéphane Hueber-Blies (France/ Luxembourg, 2018, 92 min, OV with English subtitles) of AniMovie Competition 2020: An animated artistic documentary and a call to join the growing global movement that tolerates zero tolerance for sexual violence in war zones around the world – including Syria and Ukraine, on the African continent and in the USA. Zero Impunity features inspiring victims, social workers and activists around the globe who have the courage to get involved, resist and mobilize others. These stories confront us with the terrible mechanisms of international institutions and ancient methods of war and interrogation. A film about love, life and humanity. Watch the video message of the directors here!




“Marona’s Fantastic Tale” / Director: Anca Damien (Romania, France, Belgium, 2019, 92 min, OV with English subtitles) also of the AniMovie Competition 2020 about Marona, a mongrel dog who was hit by a car. She is still in a state of shock when she feels her soul slowly rise and leave her body. She sees cars racing by and roaming over her lifeless body, while Solange, her current last mistress, sheds crocodile tears for her.
>> Can only be watched in Germany!

A real cult-movie ist he feature film „Mary & Max“ by Adam Elliot (Australia, 2008, 92 min, OV in English with German subtitles) as a mixture of “Wallace & Gromit” and “Harold & Maude” a suitably advertised clay animation film, which will also be streamed at OnlineFestival+ With wit and warm-heartedness as well as a sharp eye for detail the story of two deeply sad characters is told, who find joy in life through their friendship with each other.


The hand-drawn animated feature film “Ethel and Ernest” (Director: Roger Mainwood, UK 2016, 94 min, Nominee AniMovie ITFS 2017, OV in English) is based on the book by renowned British author and illustrator Raymond Briggs and tells the true story of Briggs’ parents Ethel and Ernest – two ordinary Londoners living in a time of extraordinary events and social upheaval. From the 1920s with its social stratification to the moon landing in 1969, the film shows decisive moments of the 20th century.



The film “Wrinkles” / Director: Ignacio Ferreras (Spain 2011, 90 min, AniMovie winner ITFS 2012, OV with English subtitles) is a rousing portrait of the friendship between Emilio and Miguel, two elderly gentlemen who were deported to a nursing home. The newcomer Emilio has Alzheimer’s in the early stages and is saved by Miguel and his colleagues from ending up on the dreaded top floor of the home. Their wild plan lends a good dose of humour and tenderness to their otherwise boring daily routine.


AniMovie winner of 2016 “Psychonauts, the forgotten children” / Director: Pedro Rivero, Alberto Vázquez (Spain 2015, 75 min, OV with English subtitles) tells of Birdboy and Dinky, two teenagers who decided to flee their island after a natural disaster: Birdboy’s plan is to simply withdraw completely Dinky, on the other hand, takes flight and wants to set off on a dangerous journey – hoping that Birdboy will accompany her after all. Pedro Rivero also gives an Master Class in our free live-stream on May 8, noon.
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AniMovie winner of 2015 Beyond Beyond” / Director: Ebsen Toft Jacobsen (Sweden, Denmark 2014, 78 min, recommended from 6 years, German Version) about Johan, who for as long as he can remember, he and his father lived by the sea. At least he was three and his mother disappeared. Johann is good at diving and is a talented mechanic. He helps his father repair the ship. One day Johan receives a distress call on the radio with a note about his mother’s whereabouts…


The free live stream on on 7 May (Focus France from 8 pm) we show “A Monster in Paris” am 7. Mai / Director: Bibo Bergeron (France, 2011, 90 min, German Version) about a strange creature that terrifies Paris of the year 1910 The culprits are Emile, a shy projectionist, and the crazy inventor Raoul. They created the creature by mistake. So the two friends go on a monster hunt to make up for their mistake. During their surprising adventure they make the acquaintance of the beautiful and warm-hearted singer Lucille.



Young Animation – the next generation of the animated film scene
From South Africa, to China, Japan, the USA and Europe: about 60 films by students from all over the world show the spectrum of current animated film production.
>> Filmlist

Tricks for Kids – Animated Films For Kids
Wether Ron Dyens‘ „Melting Heart Cake“ (France, 2019) or Verena Fels’ „Tobi and the Turbobus“ (Germany, 2019) the competition category “Tricks For Kids” leaves the hearts of animated film fans beats faster – whether young or old. Media-pedagogical accompanying material is offered for selected films.
>> Filmlist

Trickstar Nature – Films for the environment and nature
In the new competition category “Trickstar Nature”, which shows films that deal with the environment and nature, well-known studios such as Folimage mit „Northern Lights“ (France, Switzerland, 2019) oder der Kurzfilm POLARBARRY-LET’S BREAK THE ICE!!-VLOG#207 by Wouter Dijkstra (Netherlands, Great Britain, 2019).>> Watch his Video Message here!
>> Filmlist

This access to the OnlineFestival+ costs 9,99€ once and can be bought from 5th May on The access ends on 10 May with the festival.

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