Über 700 Animationskünstler*innen aus der Ukraine und Russland haben ein gemeinsames Statement zur Invasion in der Ukraine verfasst.

Die Übersetzung aus dem Russischen im Wortlaut:


„We’re convinced that war brings nothing but death, pain and destruction. And nothing can justify it. The animation community of Ukrainian and Russian animation filmmakers is united and inseparable; we have been working together, watching each other’s films for many years. The art of animation is also an art that helps people to feel human. Not to kill, not to destroy. To unite.


And today our children, our brothers are sent to kill those with whom they recently played in the same yard and watched the same cartoons, without distinguishing whether they are Russian or Ukrainian ones.


Animation and art in general have always been imbued with anti-war spirit. We believe that the current military actions are directed not just at our Ukrainian friends and colleagues, but against all people, humanity and an as a whole.


We are against war. We want the words about the brotherly people not to turn in a bloody nightmare.


There is no justification for bombing and killing!“


Quelle: Cartoon Brew