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Berlin Blend: Festival of Animation Berlin´s (FAB) Finest Films

26. April 2024 @ 19:00 – 20:00 – What could be better than enjoying the best that the world of animated film has to offer on Schlossplatz? Nothing, of course! So get off Königstrasse and into the fun!We promise you action-packed adventures and heart-warming stories. Witness astonishing human behaviour and political intrigue, before being whisked away into the visually breath-taking anime fantasy of […]

Trickstar Nature Award

26. April 2024 @ 20:00 – 22:00 – We find ourselves in the skin of birds, fish, and cows, watching through their eyes as our world burns, cries, takes selfies, and blows itself up. This mirror image of homo (non) sapiens also shows the diversity of scenarios that await us if we continue at this pace.TicketsExodeDirector: Louis Lion, Max Doebeli, Nasia Chan, Parichay […]

Night of Shame by Studio Seufz

26. April 2024 @ 20:00 – 22:00 – Tired of always having to be the best? Looking for a valve to release the pressure? Look no further! At “Night of Shame” we celebrate filmmakers’ WORST. Charmingly incompetent or all out face-palm – established directors show their questionable films and talk about them! Lovely Interviews! Redemptive Applause! Good times! And finally, the most shameful […]

International Competition 4: The way to myself

26. April 2024 @ 20:00 – 22:00 – We show the best current short films from all over the world, powerful films by young women, modern male perspectives, and confront life’s big questions. Socially relevant and personal topics innovatively visualised, without filters or taboos.Denial, escape, or suppression: there are numerous strategies for hiding from conflict. But what to do when it’s your own […]


26. April 2024 @ 20:15 – 22:30 – ,Slide’ is the tale of a mythical cowboy who appears in a corrupt logging town and with his slide guitar and a giant Hellbug, he’s able to battle the evil mayor and his equally selfish twin brother to clean up the town of Sourdough Creek.SlideDirector: Bill Plympton / USA / 2023 / 81 min / […]

AniMovie Special: Nimona

26. April 2024 @ 20:30 – 22:30 – Joint Screening with FMXWhen Ballister Boldheart, a knight in a futuristic medieval world, is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, the only one who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona, a mischievous teen with a taste for mayhem — who also happens to be a shapeshifting creature Ballister has been trained to […]

AniMovie Special: Sultana’s Dream

26. April 2024 – 27. April 2024 @ 22:30 – 0:30 – The young artist Inés discovers a science fiction novel called “Sultana’s Dream” in an Indian bookshop. I was written by a woman named Rokeya Hossain centuries before. Fascinated by the bold visions of the stranger Inés embarks on a journey across country searching for the legendary „Ladyland“ and her lost dreams.TrailerTicketsEl sueño de la SultanaDirector: […]

Best of Animation: Experimental – Making Kin

26. April 2024 – 27. April 2024 @ 23:00 – 0:30 – Eight current positions bring different perspectives to a litmus test for our hurting society. In between overcoming personal traumas and a search for collective identities theprogramme opens a kaleidoscope of artistic strategy for new way to connect. It‘s surprising, experimental and poetic. In cooperation with Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Festival for Expanded Media.TicketsEl Festín de las […]

Master Class: AniJolly Girls – Impactful Storytelling Beyond Borders, Gender and Medium

27. April 2024 @ 10:00 – 11:30 – The global creative industry is currently experiencing a transformative convergence across continents. In the context of our cross-border commitment to promoting diversity and expertise, we invite you to this special Master Class. In active exchange with industry experts and talents from different cultures, we want to explore the narrative skills of animation, the principles of […]

Filmmakers’ Talk: International Competition 4

27. April 2024 @ 10:00 – 11:30 – Here, filmmakers whose films are screening in the International Competition 3 meet with their host Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck and audience in the Filmmakers’ Lounge on the morning after the first screening. They discuss their films in a relaxed atmosphere and answer questions, big and small, about their work. Those who missed the evening screening can watch […]