Films International Competition 1

Tue., 05.05. | 9pm | Gloria 1
Rep. Wed., 06.05. | 11am | Metropol 2

Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa (We can’t live without cosmos) We_can_t_live_without_cosmos_1

Russia, 2014
directed by Konstantin Bronzit
Technique: Drawings on paper, 2D computer

Leon d’Oural IW1_2_Leon_d´oural_still_ (1)
France, 2014
directed by Alix Fizet
Technique: Animatic
Bär (Bear) Bear_01
Germany, 2014
directed by Pascal Floerks
Technique: Mixed media
USA, 2014
directed by Nate Theis
Technique: Single frames, 2D computer
Syria, 2014
directed by Jalal Maghout
Technique: Live animation, ink on paper, single images, drawings on paper, 3D computer, 2D computer
Immer müder (Always Tired)Always_Tired_Filmstill
Germany, 2014
directed by Jochen Kuhn
Technique: Painting
Ray’s Big Ideafilm_still_Ray_s_Big_Idea
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Steve Harding-Hill
Technique: 3D computer
Bang Bang !film_still_Bang_Bang
France, 2014
directed by Julien Bisaro
Technique: 2D computer
A Tale of Momentum & InertiaA_Tale_of_Momentum_and_Inertia_7
USA, 2014
directed by Kameron Gates, Kirk Kelley
Technique: CGI

Films International Competition 2

Wed., 06.05. | 9pm | Gloria 1
Rep. Thu., 07.05. | 11am | Metropol 2

Fuga na Wiolonczele, Trabke i Pejzaz FUGUE FOR CELLO,TRUMPET AND LANDSCAPE 2(Fuge for Cello, Trumpet and Landscape)
Poland, 2014
directed by Jerzy Kucia
Technique: Mixed Media
Light Motif light_motif
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Frédéric Bonpapa
Technique: 3D computer
Zepo ZEPO_01
Spain, 2014
directed by Cesar Diaz Melendez
Technique: Sand animation
Chocolate DarwinChocolate_Darwin_02
Germany, 2014
directed by Patxi Exequiel Aguirre, Kiana Naghshineh
Technique: Live action, puppet animation, 2D computer
Курица (The Hen) 026
Russia, 2014
directed by Vasil Bedoshvili
Technique: 2D computer
Däwit (Daewit) Daewit_01
Germany, 2015
directed by David Jansen
Technique: Animatic, 2D computer
Pui de Somn (Baby Nap)film_still
Romanian, 2014
directed by Paul Muresan
Technique: Painting, ink on paper, drawings on paper
One of a Kind One_of_a_kind
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Rok Predin
Technique: 3D computer
The Bigger PictureIW2_4_The_Bigger_Picture_01 (2)
Great Britain, 2013
directed by Daisy Jacobs
Technique: Stop action, painting, live animation, mixed media

Films International Competition 3

Thu., 07.05. | 9pm | Gloria 1
Rep. Fri., 08.05. | 11am | Metropol 2

Smart Monkey Smart_Monkey
France, 2014
directed by Vincent Paronnaud, Nicolas Pawlowski
Technique: Drawings on paper, 2D computer
Taupes (The Seven Red Hoods)  the_seven_red_hoods
France, 2014
directed by Léo Verrier
Technique: 3D computer, 2D computer
Black Tape BlackTape_06
Denmark, 2014
directed by Michelle and Uri Kranot
Technique: Rotoscopie, painting
Footprints Footprints
USA, 2014
directed by Bill Plympton
Technique: Drawings on paper
Le Sens du toucher (The Sense of touch) the_sense_of_touch
Switzerland, 2014
directed by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo
Technique: Drawings on paper
Oh La Lah oh_lah_lah
Egypt, 2014
directed by Islam Ahmad
Technique: 2D computer
Whole whole
Denmark, 2014
directed by William Reynich
Technique: 3D computer
Pécheresses (Sinners) Sinners_01
Belgium, 2014
directed by Gerlando Infuso

Films International Competition 4

Fri., 08.05. | 9pm | Gloria 1
Rep. Sat., 09.05. | 11am | Metropol 2

8 balles (8 bullets)8_Bullets_01
France, 2014
directed by Frank Ternier
Technique: Rotoscopie, 3D computer, 2D computer
France, 2014
directed by Tibor Banoczki, Sarolta Szabo
Technique: 3D computer, 2D computer
Amélia & Duarte
Portugal / Germany, 2014
directed by Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos
Technique: Pixilation
Isand (The Master)IW4_The_Master_still_ (2)
Estonia, 2014
directed by Riho Unt
Technique: Stop action
Vokseværk (Growing Pains) Growing_Pains_02
Denmark, 2014
directed by Tor Fruergaard
Technique: 2D computer
Warum! Episode 1: Geld (Why! Episode 1: Money)
Germany, 2014
directed by Stefan Vogt
Technique: 2D computer
Honey in the HoodHoney_01_bis
France, 2014
directed by Amandine Durand, Nicolas Wax
Warum! Episode 6: Internet (Why! Episode 6: Internet)
Germany, 2014
directed by Stefan Vogt
Technique: 2D computer

Films International Competition 5

Sat., 09.05. | 9pm | Gloria 1
Rep. Sun., 10.05. | 11am | Metropol 2

Mythopolis film_still_Mythopolis
Czech Republic, 2013
directed by Alexandra Hetmerová
Technique: 2D Computer
Nuggets Nuggets-still02
Germany, 2014
directed by Andreas Hykade
Technique: Animatic
La Chair (The Flesh) The_Flesh_02
France, 2014
directed by William Henne, Louise Lemoine Torrès
Technique: 2D Computer
The Pride of Strathmoor film_still_The_Pride_of_Strathmoor
USA, 2014
directed by Einar Baldvin
Technique: Ink on paper, drawings on paper, others
Wrapped wrapped_STILL_2
Germany, 2014
directed by Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper, Florian Wittmann
Technique: Fast motion+ live action, live action film, 3D computer
VÅBENBRØDRE (Brothers in arms) Brothers_in_arms_04
Denmark, 2014
directed by Cav Bøgelund
Technique: Animatic
Mr Lune Mr_Lune_filmstill_01_jpeg
France, 2014
directed by Julien Seze
Technique: 2D computer