FMX, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia

FMX, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and FMX-2015_Logo_All-Infos_black-type KopieTransmedia is Europe’s most influential conference for digital entertainment where Art, Technology and Business meet. FMX addresses the makers of the industry, thus bringing together key people from all over the world to discuss production issues, exciting technologies and new ways of financing and distribution. With its variety of top-notch presentation formats for a professional audience, FMX offers the perfect complement to the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film. The 20th anniversary edition of FMX takes place from May 5-8, Stuttgart, Germany.

For visitors interested in FMX 2015 and the ITFS 2015 the Combi Ticket offers the best way to attend both events. A Combi Ticket entitles participation in all days of the conference and the festival.