Allison Schulnik

The artist lives and works in Los Angeles. Additionally to her own films, she will present a slide-show of selected paintings, drawings and, behind the scenes photographs concerning her films.  Alison Schulnik’s films are animated choreographies at the intersection of performance, painting, and sculpture. Organically running rampant, the animations are both playful and uncanny.

May 6 | 9pm | Gloria 2

Films: Hobo Clown | Forest | Mound | Eager

Pia Maria Martin

The video artist Pia Maria Martin, born in 1974 in Altdorf near Nuremberg, lives and works in Stuttgart. In her work, she looks at seemingly insignificant objects and familiar processes. With a series of individual pictures of the objects in
various states, the artist gives them life. Events take their course and it appears as though an unstoppable process has been set in motion in which the objects have taken control. The combination of surreal and realistic elements creates a
tension between aesthetics and unease, between comedy and tragedy.

May 7 | 8pm | Metropol 2

Films: Love | tight | tunnel of horror | kalakeittos | marche au supplice | A table |
Scherzo | Go | Fuer Olga | XI | Zum Appell!

Anna Solanas & Marc Riba

Marc Riba was born in 1978, Anna Solanas in 1979 in Barcelona, Spain. Together they have been working together within the world of puppet animation for 14 years. Both studied at the Cinema University of Barcelona where they met. After her graduation they founded their own production company named I+G Stop Motion. Through the company they produce their own independent films as well as several advertisings and committed educational films. They have made 8 short films which have been selected in more than 1,000 festivals around the world, winning 150 prizes.

May 8 | 9pm | Gloria 2

Films: Lupe & Bruno | Violeta | Cabaret Kadne | The twin girls of Sunset Street | Grand Prix | Canis | Block and Piled

Yves Netzhammer

The internationally renowned media and installation artist Yves Netzhammer was born in 1970 in Schaffhausen. His multimedia work includes drawings, room installations, wall paintings, and video films generated on the computer that interfuse in complex ways. With architectural software, the artist creates surreal
film sequences that have a symbolic character and emphasize the formality of his video films.

May 9 | 8pm | Metropol 2

Films: Kutti MC – “Unghüür” (feat. Baschi) | Tage ohne Stunden | Die Gegenwart sucht ihren Mund in der Spiegelung der Suppe | Vororte der Körper