Metropol 2 | Sat. 9.5. | 6 PM

Animation Down Under:

Opportunities to study animation and multimedia in Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have a proud tradition of commercially successful and critically acclaimed animation and multimedia production and are widely regarded as innovators in the field. This success is due to the wide range of experiences and study options available at various programs and universities across the two countries.

The presentation (in English) will explore some of the historical background of animation down under and then present a diverse range of current and past student work, from many of our partner universities, to present the strengths of the programs and highlight the possibilities of beginning an animation career from a ‘down under’ perspective.

The schools presented include e.g.: RMIT University, Curtin University, Monash University, University of Technology Sydney (UTS Sydney), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Presented by: Paul Bolt (General Manager, GOstralia!-GOzealand!)