Metropol 2 | Thu. 7.5. | 4 PM

Dragoia Media is a Spanish company that develops and produces audiovisual productions for the international market and it is specialised in animation feature films. Manuel Cristóbal, its CEO and founder, has produced eight feature films for the international market, five of them in animation, and has won four Goya awards. He joined Dygra Films in 1999 as executive producer in the films “The living forest” (first CGI animation film in Europe) and “Midsummer Dream”. In 2005, he joined Zinkia Entertainment as development and distribution director with the series “Pocoyó”. In 2007 he created Perro Verde Films and produced five feature films including “The Missing Lynx” presented by Antonio Banderas, and “Wrinkles”, directed by Ignacio Ferreras and considered one of the most relevant animations films in 2012. In 2013 Manuel Cristóbal launched the 3D documentary film “Bull Running in Pamplona” and developed the series “Planet-Play” for Sunflower Graphics . In 2012 he got the Cartoon Tribute as best animation producer in Europe.

Presented by Manuel Cristóbal