Metropol 2 | Wed. 6.5. | 2 PM

Vivi Film is an independent film production company established in 1990.

During the past 25 years, the production company evolved from a “one women” business into one of the most important players in the Belgian production sector. Vivi Film’s portfolio counts over 30 productions. These productions have been selected at dozens of international festivals, have won prestigious awards, were distributed abroad and sold to international television stations.

Vivi Film wants to launch a continuous production process of high quality and creatively interesting projects. These are international co-productions as well as local productions in which international co-producers are sometimes involved. The artistic added value of these projects makes sure the films catch the attention and achieve international acclaim.

Vivi Film can draw from its expanded knowhow in the field of international co-productions, its network of global contacts as well as its fame as a dynamic and reliable producer.

Presented by: Viviane Vanfleteren

Films: Les Triplettes de Belleville (2003), Sylvain Chomet; The Secret of Kells (2009), Tomm Moore; Trippel Trappel, Dierensinterklaas (2014), Albert ‘tHooft, Paco Vinck; Rudolf (2010), Rudi Mertens; International Hareport (2010), Fabrice Foucquet, Jan Bultheel; Minuscule (2012), Thomas Szabo, Hélène Giraud; Plankton Invasion (2013), Joery Christiaen