Fri., May 8, 5pm, Metropol 3

“Animate your Crowd”
Crowdfunding as a way to finance and audience.

Crowdfunding is not simply a financial instrument to close financing gaps in projects; used smartly, it can open contacts and networks, provide access to services or ideas and generate early hype around the project. Many animation producers have already discovered crowdfunding for their films. But how to run a crowdfunding campaign to benefit from ist financing and marketing potential alike.

David Sproxton, CEO of Aardman Animations (UK) explains why his Oscar winning studio opted for crowdfunding for their project „All new adventures of Morph“. Thomas Kornfeld, CEO of Nomad Films (FR), talks about the support for his 3D animation serie “Le donjon de Naheulbeuk”. Young animation artists Lea Kirstein and Oskar Gerspach present their German experience with „Animals alone in the wood“. In a panel discussion with culture and creative industry manager Sebastian Dresel the filmmakers speak about crowdfunding as a way to money and audience.

Organizer: Creative Europe Desks from Munich and Strasbourg in cooperation with FMX

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