Metropol 2 | Fr. 8.5. | 2 PM

Pixar: “Toy Story” 20th Anniversary, A Conversation

When Pixar started work on “Toy Story” 23 years ago, it was not obvious that the film would be completed, let alone be a genre-changing success. Since then, Pixar Animation Studios has built on its early work in computer imaging, animation, and storytelling to produce fifteen brilliant films. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first computer generated feature film, Pixar takes a look back – from Pixar founder Ed Catmull’s early work in computer graphics to candy commercials and feature films, and the paradigm shift that occurred along the way. Join Pixar filmmakers in conversation with graphics pioneer Christophe Hery as they take a look back at computer animation, what challenges they have overcome and what they still hope to conquer.

Presented by: Bill Reeves, Ralph Eggleston, Eben Ostby, Christophe Hery