Metropol 2 | Sun. 10.05. | 2 PM

Format Workshop “I’m thinking of an animal”: Animated animal puzzle – or: Is it possible for children to speak with animation figures?

“Our animal has a long nose”, the children demand. An animated pig presents itself to them. “No, a longer nose – a trunk!” they cry. The pig shrugs its shoulders and walks away, disappointed.

How are the puzzles created in the preschool magazine “Ich kenne ein Tier” (I’m thinking of an animal) that Filmakademie students and the SWR radio children’s programme develop and produce together?

This and much more will be shown in the workshop. Under guidance, the workshop participants can come up with more episodes and continue to develop the idea.

Presented by: Andreas Hykade und Benjamin Manns

Films: I know an animal: Eps. 15 Zebra (2013), Eps. 21 Whale (2013), Eps. 4 Snail (2012); Benjamin Manns, Andreas Hykade