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Films Young Animation 1

Tue., 05.05. | 11pm | Gloria 2
Rep. Wed., 06.05. | 7pm | Gloria 2

Leon d’OuralIW1_2_Leon_d´oural_still_ (1)
France, 2014
directed by Alix Fizet
Technique: Animatic
Ob sich die Sehnsucht vererbt (Is longing hereditary?) Ob_Sich_Die_Sehnsucht_Vererbt_1
Germany, 2014
directed by Gitte Hellwig
Technique: Pixilation, mixed media, live-action film, animatic, 2D computer
Fly Fly
China, 2014
directed by Cao Runze
Technique: 2D computer
The Last Resort YA1_4_The_Last_Resort_still_04
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Stephanie Blakey
Technique: Cut out animation, others
L3.0 L3.0
France, 2014
directed by Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declercq, Vincent Dufour, Pierre Jury
Technique: directly on film, 3D computer
在醫院戴口罩是常識吧  (Infection) infection_3
Hong Kong, 2014
directed by Tsz Wai Melody Yiu
Technique: Single images, 2D computer
GYRØ Gyro_1
Japan, 2014
directed by Madoka
Technique: Stop action, painting
Must Seeme (Black Seed) Black_Seed_1
Estonia, 2014
directed by Francesco Rosso
Technique: Painting
Dömestik Dömestik
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Ignatz Johnson Higham
Technique: Drawing on paper, 2D computer
The Bigger PictureIW2_4_The_Bigger_Picture_01 (2)
Great Britain, 2013
directed by Daisy Jacobs
Technique: Stop action, painting, live animation, mixed media
Die Spinnerin (Connected) Connected_2
Germany, 2014
directey by Manuela Buske
Technique: Mixed Media, 3D computer, 2D computer
USA, 2014
directed by Simon Leclerc
TuskYA1_13_Tusk_Filmstill (1) jpeg
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Rory Waudby-Tolley
Technique: 3D computer, 2D computer
扭蛋叩嘍叩嘍 (Gashapon Kou-lou-kou-lou) Gashapon_Kou-lou-kou-lou
Taiwan, 2014
directed by Eden Chan, Wei-Yuan Chen, Wen-Yi Chen
Technique: Rotoscopie
Warm Snow Warm_Snow
Israel, 2014
directed by Ira Elshansky
Technique: Stop action, claymation

Filme Young Animation 2

Wed., 06.05. | 11pm | Gloria 2
Rep. Thu., 07.05. | 7pm | Gloria 2

Astronaut-K Astronaut-K
Switzerland, 2014
directed by Daniel Harisberger
Technique: 3D computer
茫人 (The Pompoms) The_Pompoms
Taiwan, 2014
directed by Shih Ying Chen
Technique: 2D computer
HotdogYA2_3_Hotdog_stills_ (1)
USA, 2014
directed by Jason Reicher
The Present The_Present_3
Germany, 2014
directed by Jacob Frey
Technique: 3D computer
Fok Nabo Distorio Fok_Nabo_Distorio_2
Estonia, 2014
directed by Francesco Rosso
Technique: Stop action, painting, live animation, mixed media, single images, cut out animation
Oma (Grandma) Grandma
Belgium, 2014
directed by Karolien Raeymaekers
Technique: 2D computer
Pochemu banan ogryzayetsya (Why banana snarls) Why_Banana_Snarls
Russia, 2014
directed by Svetlana Razgulyayeva
Technique: Cut out animation, 2D computer
Birds Birds_02
USA, 2014
directed by Miyoung Kim
Technique: 2D animation
Squids Are Part Alien  Squids_Are_Part_Alien
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Yingqi Wang
Technique: Ink on paper, single images, drawings on paper, 2D computer
Haname (Flower Bud) Flower_Bud_1
Japan, 2014
directed by Saki Nakano
Technique: Drawings on paper
Funeral Funeral
Costa Rica, 2013
directed by Alejandro Bonilla
Technique: Pixilation, 3D computer
Half Bábka HALFBABpicfilm6
Slovakia, 2014
directed by Jasmine Elsen
Technique: Drawings on paper
Trafik (Traffic) Traffic_3
Bulgaria, 2014
directed by Milen Halyov
Technique: drawn
Nuk Nuk_1
Russia, 2014
directed by Philipp Yarin
Technique: 2D