Freihand – Project Reporting & Illustration

The project “Reporting & Illustration” ensures a promising, if self-evident, cooperation. The thought: Reporting about an animated film festival should have a more varied and suitable design than just “Text & Photo”. The idea: To underscore articles with illustrations – or, better yet, to let both parts interact with one another – and thus directly create the bridge to animation.

The project: Young journalists from the journalism school Zeitenspiegel under the direction of Philipp Maußhardt create the text contents while students and graduates of the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts are led by their Professor Alexander Roob and deliver suitable illustrations. They work closely together both before and during the Festival.

Before the event, reports are published that pick out and illuminate the varied, particularly interesting, and extraordinary facets of the Festival and the animation industry. During the Festival, young journalists are active as reporters, report live from the Festival of Animated Film, conduct interviews, and write portraits and reports for print and online media. A final, summary report of the Festival is also planned – of course everything is done in continual discussion with the illustrator team.

Workshops with industry leaders who are here for the ITFS and interesting for the participants also ensure additional input, ideas, and expertise.

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