The ITFS’s “Works in Progress” allows producers and directors to present their animated film projects in front of animation professionals from all over the globe, who in turn have the opportunity to be the first to see new and interesting productions.

Four quality projects, ranging from the state of “in development” to post-production will be presented in 20 to 25 minutes slots, including a Q&A section. In their presentation the directors and producers will not only talk about their productions, but also show first animated film martial and trailers of their film projects.

The Programme

May 9 | 3pm | Metropol 3


01 Get Santa (Aldrige Mere Jul)
Director: Jacob Bak Ley
Producer: Anne Sofie Hansen Skovmoes
Production: Copenhagen Bombay Rights 1 Aps
Animation technique: 2D Computer, 3D Computer, painting, puppets
Genre: Christmas Adventure
Traget audience: children, 7-12

Status: In production

presented by Anne Sofie Hansen-Skovmoes

8-year old Julius is absolutely crazy about Christmas. There are so many wonderful things about the season, particularly Santa Claus. He keeps his passion a secret though. He lives in an orphanage and tries to fit in with the older boys Squeak and Gregory, they are 12-13 years old – and not believers in Santa Claus or any other type of Christmas spirit. And, they are not too fond of Julius presence at the orphanage in the first place. But is it true what they are saying about Santa – that it is just Alfred, the manager of the orphanage, in costume? However, if Alfred really is Santa, to whom does the voice speaking to Julius from the Christmas box belong, then?

02 Fritzi – A Miraculous Revolutionary Tale (Fritzi war dabei)
Directors: Ralf Kukula, Matthias Bruhn
Script writer: Beate Völcker
Producers: Grit Wißkirchen, Richard Lutterbeck, Martin Vandas, Conrad Tambour
Production: Balance Film GmbH, Trickstudio Lutterbeck, Maur Film (Czech Republic), Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm (Austria)
Animation technique: 2D
Target audience: Family Entertainment

Status: in development

presented by Grit Wißkirchen & Ralf Kukula

GDR, the fall of 1989. Fritzi’s best friend, Sophie, doesn’t return to Leipzig after the summer holiday in Hungary. But Sophie’s dog Sputnik is still at Fritzi’s place. So she is very concerned and cannot believe that Sophie let her down like that. Fritzi is determined to bring Sputnik back to her and finds herself in history’s great transitions together with Bela who wants to help her. Fritzi experiences the fall of the Berlin Wall and realises that you have to fight for your own freedom if you want to change something. The screenplay was awarded with the Award for the best German Screenplay at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film 2013.

03 Cinderella – The Cat Gatta_Cerentola_02 (5)(Gatta Cenerentola)
Directors: I. Capiello, D. Sansone, M. Guarnieri
Producers: Antonio Fresa, Luigi Sialdone, Luciano Stella
Production: Mad Entertainment S.R.L.
Animation technique: 2D / 3D
Genre: Romantic Noir
Target audience: young adults

Status: in pre-production

presented by Carolina Terzi & Luciano Stella

A contemporary version of Cinderella enriched by elements such as the darkness of a “Blade Runner Future” where Naples seems to collect the features of many cities of the world, from Marseille to Hamburg, to Hong Kong, changing its characteristics in the shadows of Vesuvius.
Every night inside the bowels of the great leviathan are glittering the lights of the ‘Ace of clubs’: formerly a lovely jazz club that became a cathouse managed by Mia’s stepmother along with hers six daughters. Six beautiful women, whose cruelty forced Mia – their stepsister – to silence and slavery.
But it’s in this silence that Mia – the daughter of the former manager of the jazz club – is getting ready to take her vengeance against her father’s murderers.
The King must pay. Mia’s soul has no peace until she met Marcello, the dock’s police chief. The Chief’s charme and integrity, will unexpectedly keep Mia’s eyes off her only target: join the ball and finally kill the king!
Developed and realised by the same team which realised the animated feature film THE ART OF HAPPINESS, BEST EUROPEAN ANIMATED FILM at EUROPEAN FILM AWARD 2014

04 Memories of a Man in PyjamasMemoirs (Memorias de un hombre en pijama)
Director: Paco Roca
Script writers: Paco Roca, Àngel de la Cruz, Diana López
Producers: Ángel de la Cruz, Jordi Mendieta
Production: Ladybug Films, Dream Team Concept
Animation technique: 2D
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Target audience: adults

Status: in pre-production

presented by Ángel de la Cruz

Paco, a 40 year old confirmed bachelor, in the prime of his life realizes a childhood dream: to work at home in his jammies. Just when he has reached the zenith of personal happiness, however, into his file walks Jilguero (the name means “goldfinch” in Spanish), a girl he falls in love with and who must become used to the fact that her mans’s main objetive in life is to reamin at home in his pj’s. This is also a story about bachelors, couples and friends who, through their hilarious anecdotes, influence their lives and relationship.
The film is based on a graphic novel of Paco Roca (“Arrugas”).