Films Tricks for Kids Short Films 1

Thu, 07.05. | 2:30pm | Metropol 1

Rita og Krokodille: Fisketuren (Rita and Crocodile) rita_croc_still_fishing_02
Denmark, 2013
directed by Siri Melchior
Technique: Cut out animation, 2D computer
Der süße Brei (The Sweet Porridge) BREI_9
Germany, 2014
directed by Nikolaus Hillebrand, Kyne Uhlig
Technique: Animatic
Planet Willi TFKshort1_3_planet_willi_stills_ (5)
Germany, 2014
directed by Sören Wendt
Technique: Cut out animation, 2D computer
Der kleine Vogel und das Eichhörnchen (The little Bird and the Squirrel) The_Little_Bird_3
Switzerland, 2014
directed by Lena von Döhren
Prick och Fläck står på öronen (Spot and Splodge do Earstanding) Spot_and_splodge_filmstill
Sweden, 2014
directed by Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad
Le Petit Hérisson partageur (The Little Hedgehog) The_Little_Hedgehog
France, 2014
directed by Marjorie Caup
Technique: Cut out animation
Iwan und der Wolf (Iwan and the Wolf) Iwan_and_the_Wolf
Germany, 2014
directed by Anna Levinson
Technique: Animatic, 2D computer

Films Tricks for Kids Short Films 2

Fri., 08.05. | 2:30pm | Metropol 1

Tigres a la Queue Leu Leu (Tigers Tied Up in a Rope) Tigers_1
France, 2014
directed by Benoit Chieux
Technique: Drawings on paper, 2D computer
Deux amis (Two Friends)  Two-friends_02
France, 2014
directed by Natalia Chernysheva
Technique: Animatic
Trzej Krolowie (Three Kings) 01
Poland, 2014
directed by Anna Blaszczyk
Technique: Painting, cut out animation
Nain Géant (Dwarf Giant) Giant_Dwarf_1
Switzerland, 2013
directed by Fabienne Giezendanner
Technique: 2D computer
Munya in mij (Munya in me) Munya_2
Netherlands, 2014
directed by Mascha Halberstad
Technique: Puppet animation, cut out animation

Films Tricks for Kids Short Films 3

Sat., 09.05. | 2:30pm | Metropol 1

Шу-шу. Дебюсси (Chou-Chou. Debussy) Chou_chou
Russia, 2014
directed by Andrei Ushakov
Technique: Drawings on paper, 2D computer
Namazuhwa umini kaeru (Way Back to the Sea) Way_back
Japan, 2014
directed by Kaori Iwase
Technique: Drawings on paper
Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards Dinosaurs_terrible
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Alex Mallinson,Joel Veitch
Technique: 3D computer
Nul poisson où aller (No Fish Where to Go)
Canada, 2014
directed by Nicola Lemay, Janice Nadeau
Technique: Drawings on paper
Neige (Snow) Snow_Filmstill_ (3)
France, 2014
directed by Antoine Lanciaux, Sophie Roze

Films Tricks for Kids Short Films 4

Sun., 10.05. | 2:30pm | Metropol 1

La Moufle (The Mitten) The_Mitten_Filmstill_01
France, 2014
directed by Clementine Robach
Technique: 2D computer
Vaghti Bacheh Boodam (When I Was a Child) When I Was Child 12
Iran, 2014
directed by Maryam Kashkoolinia
Technique: Sand on glass
One, Two, Tree One_two_tree_01
France, 2014
directed by Yulia Aranova
The Sound of Crickets The_Sound_of_Crickets_Filmstill_02
Switzerland, 2014
directed by Justine Klaiber
Technique: Animatic, 2D computer
The Story of Percival Pilts Story_of_Percival_4
Australia, 2014
directed by Janette Goodey, John Lewis
Technique: Puppet trick
Le Vélo de l’éléphant (The Elephant and the Bicycle)  The_Elephant_and_the_bicycle_ (1)
France, 2014
directed by Olesya Shchukina
Technique: Cut out animation
My Big Brother My_big_Brother_1
USA, 2014
directed by Jason Rayner
Technique: 3D computer