Birgit Weyhe (Hamburg): Sketching words and writing images – The dramaturgy of picture stories
Wednesday, May 6, 10am, Metropol 3 (4 hours // in English or German)

Telling a story creates a unique, self-contained world within which anything is possible. What structure does the story need in order to be readable? With a picture story, the classic tool of “storytelling” is explained. Afterwards, the participants have the opportunity to develop their own short stories from prepared pictures and text materials. These are then discussed together and dramaturgically  condensed.


Christian Fonnesbech (Copenhagen): scriptwriting and games
Thursday, May 7, 10am, Metropol 3 (3 hours // in English)

Christian Fonnesbech makes collaborative investigation games, mixing Hollywood quality filmed footage with gameplay and social networking. His latest, Cloud Chamber, won the TIGA Game Industry Award for Best Social Game and was billed  by Extra Credits as the first game that makes interactive video work:


Ángel de la Cruz (Madrid): From the first idea to selling a story
Friday, May 8 2015, 10am, Metropol 3 (3 hours // in English)

The creation and generation of ideas, the stepby-step development from an idea to a script including storyline, work synopsis, step outline, treatment and write/re-writes of a script, as well as the  presentation, sale and commercialization of the same.


Josh Selig (New York): The Principles of a Show Bible
Saturday, May 9, 10am, Metropol 3 (2 hours// in English)

This 2-hour workshop will cover all the fundamentals of creating, producing and selling an original animated preschool television series. The workshop will be broken down into seven areas: The Idea, the Show Bible, the Broadcasters, Financing, Production, Licensing, and Passion. We‘ll show examples of show bibles that have led to successful international series and we‘ll explore the role of an educational curriculum in creating a new preschool property.


Sebastian Stobbe (Cologne): ANIMADOCS – Working with the paradox
Sunday, May 10, 10am, Metropol 3 (2 hours // in English)

While Animations commonly are perceived as worlds wholly imagined by its creators, most of us expect from Documentaries and their makers the exact opposite, i.e. to capture an authentic picture of  the already existing world. The combination of the two genres and their specific way of working seems to be contradictory, but the growing number of successful Animadocs proves something different. Time to take a closer look at how Animadocs and their makers work.


Expenses per workshop: 25€ or with an accreditation

Registration: Phone +49 711-925 46 123 or

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