Panorama 1

Tue., 05.05. | 11pm | Gloria 1

Eager  Eager_filmstill_01
USA, 2014
directed by Allison Schulnik
Technique: Claymation, stop motion
Je suis come je suis (I am as I am) I_am_as_I_am_01
France, 2014
directed by Marion Auvin
9:30 am  9_30_am_01
Mexico, 2014
directed by Alfonso de la Cruz
Technique: 3D computer animation
Afloat Afloat_Filmstill_02
USA, 2014
directed by Scott Wenner
Technique: 3D computer, 2D computer
הורה (Hora) film_still_Hora
Israel, 2014
directed by Yoav Brill
Technique: Mixed media, 3D computer, 2D computer
Lost Property PAN1_9_Lost_Property_02
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Åsa Lucander
Technique: 2D computer
Sumsing Sumsing_filmstill_01
Germany, 2014
directed by Martin Rahmlow
Technique: 3D computer
Simhall (Bath House) Bathhouse_Filmstill_03
Sweden, 2014
directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Happy Bogeys: Episode 10 PAN1_5_Happy_Bogeys_still_ (2)
Japan, 2014
directed by Takashi Kurihara
Technique: Drawings on paper, 2D computer
Poker PAN1_2_poker_still_02
Japan, 2014
directed by Mirai Mizue,Yukie Nakauchi
Technique: Drawings on paper, 2D computer
Grace under water Grace Under Water
Australia, 2014
directed by Anthony Lawrence
Technique: Stop motion, puppet animation

Panorama 2

Wed., 06.05. | 11pm | Gloria 1

Bendito Machine V – Pull the Trigger film_still_Bendito_Machine_V_Pull_the_Trigger
Spain, 2014
directed by Jossie Malis
Technique: 2D computer
Bush Mechanics film_still_bush_mechanics
Australia, 2014
directed by Jonathan Daw, Jason Japaljarri Woods
Technique: Stop action, sand animation, puppet animation, claymation
Deadly  film_still_Deadly
Ireland, 2014
directed by Aidan McAteer
Technique: 2D computer
Pifuskin Pan2_4_Pifuskin_ (1)
Singapore, 2014
directed by Wei Keong Tan
Technique: Pixilation, mixed media, single images, drawings on paper
Settling film_still_Settling
Great Britain, 2014
directed by Emma McCann
Technique: Stop action
SexPol Sexpol_filmstill_03
Germany, 2014
directed by Jörg Weidner
Technique: Puppet animation
Aubade film_still_Aubade
Switzerland, 2014
directed by Mauro Carraro
Technique: 3D computer
A Single Life film_still_A_Single_Life
Netherlands, 2014
directed by Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins and Marieke Blaauw
Technique: 3D computer, 2D computer
Moulton og meg (Me and my Moulton) PAN2_2_Me_and_My_Moulton_still_02
Norway, 2014
directed by Torill Kove
Technique: Drawings
자니익스프레스 (Johnny Express) PAN2_10_Johnny Express_Still2
South Korea, 2014
directed by Woo Kyungmin
Technique: 3D computer